There are approximately 1800 colleges and universities that participate in the American Council on Education's college credit recommendation service.  You will find a list of many of those institutions here. 

Also accepting our Great Books Program for 48 hours of college credit are Campion College, Australia, Thomas Edison State College, and Catholic Distance University.


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Hours for Bachelor’s Degree
Total Cost of Program*
Total Cost of Program* if GBP First Completed

Great Books Program
Students may earn 48 hours (1 ½ years of credit) of college credit towards the 9 bachelor’s degrees, described below, while in high school or homeschooling (beginning students must be at least 9th graders or equivalent). The program is eight semesters (see details).

towards bachelor’s degree

48 Hours of college level credit towards the nine Bachelor’s degrees described below.
All Online
$ 3,000 per year x 4 years = $ 12,000

15% discount if paid annually by August 31 = $ 2,550 x 4 years = $ 10,200

Students may earn a BA in the Liberal Arts in three years at the Sydney campus, or, if they have completed the Great Books Program they may do so in only 1 ½ years (1/3rd of which – one semester - may be earned online from CDU).
for BA in Liberal Arts
[144 Aus. cp]
Bachelor’s Degree in the Liberal Arts 
Online & Sydney, Australia campus
$ 36,000 for all three years in Australia, or, only
$ 18,000 if GBP is completed first.

[ Adding in the earlier GBP tuition of $ 10,200, plus this $18,000 = $28,200 ]

Students may earn a bachelor’s degree in theology with 126 hours online at CDU, or, if they have completed the Great Books Program they may then complete 42 hours (3 semesters) at HMU, and 36 hours (2 semesters) at CDU and thus earn a bacheolor’s in theology in about 2 ½ years.
for BA in Theology
Catechetical Diploma and/or Bachelor’s Degree in Theology
All Online
$ 20,450 at HMU + $ 8,638 at CDU = $ 29,088
$ 18,288 if GBP is completed first ($ 9,650 at HMU + $ 8,638 at CDU = $18,288).

[ Adding in the earlier GBP tuition of $ 10,200, plus this $18,288 = $28,488 ]

  A total of 9 Bachelor’s Degrees are offered via the cooperating Programs listed above.
In a typical semester most students complete 15-18 US credit hrs.
    *Approximations; prices subject to change without notice. Does not include room and board at Campion College nor any airfare.
The $ 10,200 GBP tuition is typically paid in the high school years, 1-4 years before tertiary 
c college costs begin.



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