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Study Guides

We have prepared eight (8) excellent Great Books Study Guides, one for each semester of the Program. These Study Guides contain related poetry selections as well as summaries, context notes, Things to Think About While Reading the Book, Study Questions, Questions on Language and For and Reflection Questions.  Each week students on the college track are expected to read the Study Guide selection for that week's Great Books reading and submit written answers to selected study guide questions.

In addition to the weekly writing assignments students on the college track submit two essays of approximately 1800 words per semester. These will be evaluated for content as well as for English language arts, including grammar, syntax, spelling, vocabulary and style. 

Oral Exams
At the conclusion of the semester, students will be given an oral exam in the live-audio internet format of the seminars. These usually last from 30-60 minutes and are conducted by one or both of the moderators. 

Extra Work
Students may request extra work in the form of essays to attempt to raise any grade in the course, including the final grade. However, any proposed extra work must be approved in advance by a moderator. It is up to the moderator to allow this or not in each case. Any extra work must be approved, completed and submitted within ninety (90) days of the last seminar of that class.


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Weekly Estimated Study Hours

In addition to the readings and 2+ hour seminars each week the students write papers each year which are evaluated and returned to them. 
For students on our regular track the papers are generally about 900-1000 words in length and there are two assigned each semester.  Our college track students write two 1800-2000 word essays each semester in addition to weekly writing assignments pertaining to each week's reading.  Reading and discussing great works is tremendously helpful to students in the development of their ability to write well.

All students read the weekly assigned reading (including the weekly poem) as a prerequisite for participation in the weekly
seminar discussion. There is no grade for this element as it is an assumed preparation and is necessary if a student is going to answer well the questions contained in the weekly writing assignments and, in addition, satisfactorily participate in classes.



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