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Dr. James Taylor discusses his Writing Workshop.  
What is writing for?  How will students who take your writing benefit?  Are there wrong ways to go about learning to write?

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Dr. James Taylor talks about his Poetry class.
How does your poetry class differ from others?  What can poetry do for us?  How will students in your class profit from the experience?

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Dr. Peter Redpath: On Liberal Education
What are the liberal arts?  How are they acquired?  Where does the acquisition of these arts belong in education?

Dr. Peter Redpath: The State of American Education
Can the education institutions be reformed?  What can be done to restore the proper goals and means of education?  How do our online classrooms compare to physical classrooms in the colleges?  How do the students compare?   

Dr. Curtis Hancock: On Catholic Education
What distinguishes Catholic education from secular education?  Does proper Catholic education provide particular benefits to students regarding cultural issues?

Dr. Curtis Hancock: Catholic Philosophy of Education
What is a Catholic philosophy of education?  Is that education philosophy currently in place in Catholic schools generally?  What is the future of Catholic education?  At its root, what is civilization?


Below you will find some interviews done with a few of our Great Books Program students.  We thought you might like to hear them speak about their experience in the program.

Renee Davis, Great Books Program student.  Renee was near the end of her fourth and final year when we spoke with her.

Kelseigh Boor, Great Books Program student Kelseigh has completed her third year in the program.



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