Required for college credit recommendations at weekly seminars: Students may miss three (3) seminars per year (i.e. over two semesters) and they may not miss their oral exams (exceptions have rarely been made and only for very exceptional cases). Missing more than thirty (30) minutes of any seminar, except for excusable cause, shall be counted as a missed seminar.

Once a class fills (usually a maximum of 22 students per class), we begin taking names for the next class. If a sufficient number of students sign up (usually about 15 minimum) then we open that next class, and so on. Until a class is opened we reserve the right to cancel the class and refund the tuition paid, in full. Signing up is on a first-come-first-serve basis and a number of our classes in the past have filled up, leaving names on the waiting list. So if you are sure you wish to sign up we advise you to do so as soon as you have made that decision.

The regular weekly time for the seminars will be posted online. That time will remain the same for that particular class for the entire semester (and usually for the entire year). Sometimes we open several class times and students may select which class to join for the semester. We reserve the right to change the class time before the start of the semester, but if we do and the student does not like or cannot attend during the new time they are entitled to a full tuition refund.

Because our program is chronologically sequential, all beginning students start with the Ancient Greeks I. Students may not transfer into the program except from a similar four-year great books program, and then only into the equivalent year. Exceptions have been made to this rule but it is rare and is generally not the best option for a student. Transfers into the online program from independent study with us may be made if oral/essay examination of the transfer candidate demonstrates a sufficient grasp of the material. 

All information provided to the program is considered strictly confidential and will not be shared with any other persons or entities without the prior permission of the student, except at the request of the student, unless we are required to share such information by law without giving prior notice to the student.

Our tuition rates may change from time to time, and are subject to change without notice, so please review them online. However, once paid they are good for that entire semester, of course. We do not offer credit, but for the college track we have switched from a yearly (i.e. two semesters) one time payment to a semester basis [[option to pay for semesters separately] to make payment easier.

While we have had only one instance necessitating the following policy in nine years of operation, like all educational institutions we reserve the right to dismiss students for improper behavior, either by the student, their siblings or their parents. Reasons would include (but are not limited to): persistent incivility (including unkindness, persistent use of biting sarcasm, personal verbal attacks) or rudeness to our staff or other students; disorderly, disruptive or abusive behavior; failure to observe class rules and/or instructions by moderators; harassment of other students or staff in any manner; use of inappropriate language either online or in correspondence to us; misuse of the software program we utilize or of other class materials; yelling or shouting at staff or other students. The Program moderators and/or directors reserve the sole and exclusive right to determine when and if any of these policies have been violated, leading to dismissal of the related student(s), or to decide whether or not a warning is merited in advance of any dismissal.  In the event of a dismissal for violation of this policy there will be no refund of any amounts paid for enrollment or tuition fees for any student dismissed, regardless of when paid.  Any services paid for with such forfeited enrollment fees and/or tuition would be terminated. If the parents are the cause for the dismissal, we reserve the right to dismiss any/all of their children, as circumstances seem best to us. We reserve the right not to accept tuition and enrollments for the same reasons. Again, this has happened only once and we hope it will never be necessary again. This policy exists in order to enable those conducting the program to maintain its pleasant and encouraging educational environment for the good of all students.

Since the program must contract with our moderators at the beginning of each year for the entire academic year (and they must commit their time for the entire year), and because this is based on the number of students signed up initially, no tuition refunds are allowed. So please carefully read over the program description, student comments, etc. and ask us any questions you may have before signing up. However, in the event we either cancel a class or change a class time then the student is entitled to a full tuition refund. Macintosh computers sometimes work and sometimes do not work with our online live-audio discussion software so to be assured of ability to participate in the discussions students with Macs must have access to another computer.  No refund will be given for students who fail to arrange access to a non-Mac and want a refund for that reason.

One of the ways we help assure the most rewarding education experience for our students is by providing classes that are stable in size. Another is by providing a class size that is neither too small nor too large. While a great conversation can occur with just two people, having a larger group helps to create a consistently rich and stimulating environment. On the other hand, the benefits of the experience can be diluted if a group has too many members. There is a desirable class size range and this size differs depending, in part, upon the ages of the students with whom we are working. How does our refund policy help achieve the desirable class size?

Our policy has been to not offer refunds after enrollment as this encourages people to make a well considered decision to be committed to this learning experience .  There are a number of effects that this policy produces. One of those effects is that people do, indeed, make the decision to enroll after careful consideration. They have made a commitment. The students reap the rewards of this commitment by being part of a stable group. The benefits to the students of the work that goes on in the classes is cumulative and an understanding and appreciation of those benefits grows with experience. This is one of the reasons why students come back year after year.

There are other reasons for a “no refund” policy, as well, that contribute to the quality of the program. It helps provide a stability that makes possible the hiring and training of staff and making a commitment to them for the duration of the academic year. Having talented people to work with the students throughout the year is, clearly, important and those people are better able to be committed to the students when we can be committed to them for the year. 

In addition, some students can be left out of the classes due to our limited class sizes. We do not want this to happen to any student but it can. Each spot in our classes is valuable and our refund policy helps assure that each is taken by a student who will be there throughout the year, both for his benefit and that of his fellow students. 
For these reasons tuition fees are non-refundable. Therefore, please be certain that you wish to enroll before placing your order. We encourage you to call us or email us with any questions or concerns you may have prior to enrolling. Once your enrollment order is placed, at that time it is non-refundable.

Our classes are proprietary and may not be recorded without express permission from Great Books Discussions.  When permission is given to do so [i.e; if a student cannot attend class due to illness] the recording is to be used for the personal in-home use of the student and copies are not to be made.

Great Books Discussions complies with all federal and state rules and regulations and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, creed, marital status, age, disabled or Vietnam-era veteran, or disability as defined by applicable state and/or federal regulations or statutes, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, and other school-administered programs. The Great Books Program is an Equal Opportunity employer.




"I appreciate all you do for these young people!  You all are a real God send to us homeschooling families.  I hope you are still at it when Jack (our 7 month old) is schooling!"...Mrs. M.M.




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