Education: What's the Point?, by Steve Bertucci

Something Like Perfection, by Dr. James Taylor

The Muses as Pedagogues of the Liberal Arts, by Dennis Quinn

Philosophy and Education, by Dr. Peter Redpath and Patrick Carmack

The Several Storied Tower, By John Senior

Everybody's Business, by Mortimer J. Adler

The Darkling Plain of Poetry, by Frank C. Nelick

Education by the Muses, by Dennis Quinn

Learning as Recollection: A Thomistic Approach to Recovering Higher Education, by Dr. Peter Redpath

To Tell the Truth: Talking Across the Disciplines, by Dr. Curtis Hancock

How to Read a Hard Book, by Mortimer J Adler

The individual texts we read and the Study Guides we use for our Great Books Program can be purchased at the Academy Bookstore here.  Britannica's 60 volume set of The Great Books Of the Western World is also available there along with Mortimer Adler's The Great Conversation.

Materials for our Socratic Discussion classes may be purchased here.

The bookstore carries full curriculum from nursery level through high school.  To see everything that is available in the bookstore begin here.



A Young Woman Seated at a Virginal, by Vermeer

"Thanks for a great year.  Tasha really enjoys the readings and discussions.  We are truly blessed to have found your program, it has made a world of difference in her ability to think and write".......Mrs. C.H.





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